Incense Sticks "Green Tea"

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Incense Sticks "Green Tea"

Weight: 40g 

Our Incense sticks are lighted in rooms to absorb first the negative energy and alleviate your mood and calm down the mind. They activate your senses and relax the nerves, making you less anxious. They also hold the power to cleanse the air. It can also stimulate the nerve connections and make you more productive.

How to Use: Light the end of an incense stick and let the flame burn for ten seconds. Blow out the flame – make sure the end is still lit – and place the stick in an incense holder. Let the incense burn until it's fully extinguished.

Green Tea is a pure aroma for clear thoughts. It's ideal to use home or office, if you need concentration.  Also support heart sensitivity and it's good for healing.

Always be careful with a light on Incense.