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Feng shui is not a trend or an interior design thing. It is actually the study of the environment and how this affects our houses and the people living in it. When we say environment we mean mountains and water, lakes rivers etc. The mountains, small hills produce the energy from our mother earth and the water, lake or river collects that energy. Chinese scholars say that energy is dispersed by the wind and it stops at the boundaries of water. This means that if you build your house at an area where there is no protection from mountains then the wind will be strong and will disperse the good energy away, but if your house has protection and near by water, energy will be collected and your house will receive good energy.

Now if you want to build your house, we take into account four major rules.

  1. The area that the house will be build. Is it good; does the area has energy, protection, rivers, lakes, dams etc, Is it a flatland area; is it in city; etc.
  2. The building of the house should match with the area, so we have to study the area and take into account rivers and mountains if the area is mountainous, if it is flatland we take account of the roads and big junctions and in cities building, roads, street junctions etc.
  3. The tenants who will be using the house, is it the right one for them according to their date of birth? Here is where destiny analysis comes in. You cannot do feng shui to a house with out knowing the people who will live in it. If the first two rules are okay and 3rd is not matching then still cannot be used as a good feng shui house.
  4. Time is another major factor, because energies change from time to time and we have 20years cycles, a house can be good for a period and then things change. But a good 20 year cycle, life will be prosperous and people will have the money to fix it.

Most people do not have a good destiny and Feng Shui is the tool that will help them to make the next step to success and live in harmony.