Gregoria start meditate when she was 20 years old, at that time she learn how to program her mind, how to enhance her visualization and to think and act in an optimistic attitude to achieve her life goal. That was just the beginning of her personal spiritual journey.  She met in that spiritual journey book authors, therapists and she exchange knowledge and practical usage of natural crystals in our life, in our environment, in our body, in our meditation. 

She meditate everyday experiencing the benefits of meditation in her life. It was 25 years later and after a lot of teaching hours with group of people, that she decide to issued 8 different Meditation Cds(Greek speaking), with complete programs and big variety of small duration and simple meditation for everyday use.

Nowadays a lot of people hire Gregoria to write a meditation especially for them.

So if you can't find the Meditation that you are looking for email or call us.

Gregoria Theodosiou

Author & Teacher
Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis Consultant

Founder of Chinese Metaphysics Research Institute
Tel: 00357 96306166