Serpentine rough crystal

Serpentine rough crystal (Natural Crystal)

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Serpentine Opal rough crystal (Natural Crystal)

ATTENTION: Serpentine is a natural crystal, shape and color may vary

Price is per piece 

Weight: 120g 

Serpentine is a natural crystal for clarity, grounding and support the heart at the same time.  Excellent for meditation and spiritual growth.  It stimulate the crown chakra for spiritual activities and help to regain knowledge on your past lives.  Purifying the body and align all the chakras.  Serpentine has a special connection with nature, earth, universe, cosmos.  If you meditate a lot and practicing a discipline in your life with love, empathy and compassion for every living being, this crystal can assist to do the next spiritual step, because when you are ready can weak up your Kundalini energy and allow you to have access in all that ancient knowledge.

For the physical body you may use it for insulin problems.



Crystal tip: Rough crystal is small that's why is better to place three pieces somewhere near you, next to your bed, or on your desk. If you spend time in the kitchen then place there three crystals.

Cleansing and charging:  Wash it under the tap water once a week. An easy cleansing is the incense stick, (once in a week or in ten days) you can find it here on my shop and charge it with the full moon. (4 times per year or as you feel) You may charge with the sun but in my country Cyprus and Greece we have strong sun and will change the color. (Never charge on a sun or full moon eclipse)