Rhea of the Oak Trees

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Bronze resin

Height excluding wings: 10cm

Weight: 230g 

Rhea of the Oak trees is a large fairy and represent the blossom and fruit that ensure natures cycle.

[All the small fairies from the main collection have a large size fairy companion. Dian O'Fay of the Oak trees the large one represent the essence of the tree.(large fairy sell separate)]

Rhea comes with her own unique faerie coin with pixie pouch.

All fairies are associate with nature and nature teach us how to create in life with god's grace, thus represent good luck and protection.

Enchanted "Woodland Faeries" is a collection reflecting the essence of Fay, that which resides in all woodlands. These faeries are sculpted with love and are based on real faeries, as seen by the designer.

The production of Enchanted faeries has stopped since 2012 and all the fairies have an increase value.  

Care for your Faerie:

Never use solvent base products to clean your faerie. Luke warm water and a soft cloth should be sufficient.

Wings on all the "Woodland Faeries" are detachable yet secure when in position. When inserting faerie wings please note; the smooth side of the wings should face away from the faeries back. For reference see the picture of your faerie on the box, or in our website.  The wings can be glued in place if you wish.