"Love life" Personal Online Consultation

"Love life" Personal Online Consultation

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Two appointments: (1) 15-30 minutes duration

                                (2) Presentation of the study duration 1 hour

Consultant: Gregoria Theodosiou

                   (Feng Shui & Destiny Analysis Consultant)

Online Consultation: Viber (email or call us for other options)

For the Consultation I will need:

-Name and Surname

-Birthday (Day, Month, Year)

-Time of birth

-Email or a phone number


Be careful to provide the correct personal detail, in order to have a correct analysis. After I study the birthday chart you need to pay as new analysis any changes that need to calculate and study a new Birthday chart.

1st Appointment will set 15 days after the payment since you have 14days to change your mind and have full refund. After the 1st appointment the study start and I will present to you the analysis on the 2nd appointment, duration 1 hour. (2nd appointment approximately 1 week after the first appointment and depend from the availability, some months are more busy than others)

Personal Consultation for Love Life:

Analyze character as a mean to realize how you react in a love relationship  

What type of person you attract as a love partner

Spouse palace analysis

Annual predictions for your love life

Crystal usage and Meditation to attract love

Gregoria T. from the first appointment will do crystal recommendations and a basic first approach on regular small everyday meditations if the customer is interest in those two subjects.

Annual Feng Shui recommendations when is necessary

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