Dream Catcher Silver925 pendant

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"To catch your dreams...you must chase them"

Gift in a bottle with quote

Dream Catcher Silver925 pendant symbol for creative new ideas, new visions, new beginnings, intuition and improve spirituality when you tried to explain the meaning of your dreams.

Size: Dream Catcher pendant height 3.5cm - Chain 41cm plus 4cm extension chain

Weight: 24g ≈

Dream Catcher is a circular framed net with a hole in the center that is used by some American Indian peoples to help block bad dreams and catch good ones. It is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams.  The dream catcher necklace symbolize the filtering of bad dreams, vision, ideas and the bird in the middle is smooth sailing new beginnings, but always remember, you must chase your dreams, in order to catch them.