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Dragon (gold color resin statue)

Dimensions: 15X11cm

Weight: 365g  

The Dragon is a symbol of strength, goodness, courage and endurance. It is Yang energy which is male. He is the emblem of vigilance and security and also the spirit of change. The Chinese Dragon is stepping on a ball and ball signifying heaven luck.

Is the best symbol for your entrance for good luck and protection. Chinese believe that even a bad person came to your home they can't harm you if you have a Dragon facing the door.

You may place more than one dragon at home or office environment. First position facing the entrance, on a desk facing all the others. Never place a Dragon facing you, always facing(checking) the others.

Match perfect with the Moon frog and Laughing Buddha and place all the three statues near the front door. Moon frog have to face inside and Dragon with Buddha facing the door (outside).