Laughing Buddha and coins

Buddha SPECIAL OFFER [(3 Items) (Laughing Buddha, 3 Chinese Coins, Red pouch)]

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[(3 Items) (Laughing Buddha, 3 Chinese Coins, Red pouch)]

Laughing Buddha (Ivory Imitation statue, handpainted with Ink)

Dimensions: 3.5X5cm

Weight: 30g 

Lord Maitreyan was a man that live alone and used to help people in need. He invite the person in his home for food and conversation. After they finished their food and when the stranger was ready to live Lord Maitreyan told him that " may take from my home whatever you need!" That's why he offer happiness, joy, empathy and love with others and in Chinese culture they believe that this statue can bring prosperity, happiness, balance, good luck and blessings for the owner.

He is a symbol of happiness, wealth and an innocent contented joy.  Buddha's belly is said to signify bountiful wealth and prosperity, by stroking it. It is believed to bring much luck. The laughing Buddha must always be invited into his new home, resulting in positive Chi' resulting in much happiness. 

You can place it at home or working environment. Excellent for new business.

Chinese Lucky coins (3 represent Cosmic trinity)

Dimensions: each coin diameter 2.7cm - 4.4X4.4cm

Weight: 12g  

Three Chinese lucky coins signifying the cosmic trinity. Heaven luck, Earth luck and Man luck, tied with red ribbon, energize heaven and earth forces to benefit the holder. It is like a charm and first position is in the wallet. Three Chinese lucky coins is for health, balance, luck, love, creativity and money luck.

Red pouch (with golden Chinese calligraphy)

Dimensions: 4.5X7cm

Weight: 2g 

You may use the pouch to place inside, a small piece of paper with your wishes, or even better your goals.

All the three items place together (home or Office or in the car) to support your mind to achieve your goals.