Angelite eggs rough crystal

Angelite egg rough crystal (Natural Crystal)

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Angelite egg rough crystal (Natural Crystal)

ATTENTION: Angelite is a natural crystal, shape and color may vary

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Weight: 80g 

Angelite is an ideal crystal for rebirthing process.  Promote healing, purifying the emotional body and opens spiritual channels.  It helps you to release and do a cleansing of past pains, traumas, worries and negative feelings.  Very gentle energy, support throat, heart, head and nervous system.  It is support thyroid, respiratory system and blood circulation.  It repairs tissue and corrects blood deficiencies and helps to renew blood vessels. 

Angelite can help students with concentration and to release the stress, also because of the crystals natural gentleness is ideal for sensitive people, people that need to quiet the mind.

Angelite egg is a natural stone that can be cut and open and inside you can see a beautiful sky blue color, but it is stronger as an energy and for healing to have the whole egg.

Crystal tip: Rough crystal is small that's why is better to place three pieces somewhere near you, next to your bed, or on your desk. If you spend time in the kitchen then place there three crystals.

Cleansing and charging:  Wash it under the tap water once a week. An easy cleansing is the incense stick, (once in a week or in ten days) you can find it here on my shop and charge it with the full moon. (4 times per year or as you feel) You may charge with the sun but in my country Cyprus and Greece we have strong sun and will change the color. (Never charge on a sun or full moon eclipse)