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M.G. Theodosiou Enterprise Ltd was founded in the year 2004 with one main goal, to make known to our customers what is Classical Feng Shui, Natural Crystals, Meditation and more.

We have created 3 categories of products with the following names, Lo Shu feng shui for the feng shui lovers, Angelfairies for people who travel in other dimensions and Ametista gem jewellery for people who appreciate crystals and energy. The Ametista gem jewellery is becoming a strong brand name, as we always provide A’ quality natural Crystals with silver925 or custom handmade designs with stainless steel.

But our main goal is, through Classical Feng shui, Destiny analysis, Date selection and Meditation, to help our customers to learn all these techniques and to apply them in their lives, so they will be able to take the path with the least resistance in their life.

2011 Gregoria T. Introduce Professional services like Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, Date Selection, Natural Crystals usages, Guided Meditation. GT Consultants firm establish, lectures, seminars and private consultations took place regular.

Few years later 2015 Gregoria T. founded Chinese Metaphysics Research Institute. A "School for Real people" her slogan said and refer to the urge of people at that time to learn Chinese Metaphysics, learn some ancient techniques to improve themselves and their lives.

In our shop in Larnaca (Cyprus) we have consultation office where clients can visit us for a Personal Destiny analysis or a Feng shui consult combine with a meditation in a pyramid with crystal therapy. Since 2018 Gregoria Theodosiou was proud to present her first Chinese Metaphysics Diary and the following year eight Meditation Cd’s. Cd’s for now are in Greek speaking. In our premises we have a conference room, where we organize seminars and lectures. Videos of our premises and products you can find in Gregoria’s YouTube channel. New e-Books coming soon from Gregoria Theodosiou.

Gregoria's T. Gems shop is an e-shop that wants to provide quality products, strictly natural crystals and Services. Online Consultation and Meditation.

The journey into Chinese Metaphysics is half way there so other interesting spiritual techniques are coming.

Gregoria’s Theodosiou Biography

Gregoria is the owner of the "Gregoria's T. Gems Shop" an eshop which offers products and Consultations, Meditation.

She is also the owner of the  “Lo Shu Feng Shui” Shop at Larnaca (Cyprus)  and of the “GT Consultants” office, an office that offers services on Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, Date Selection and Meditation in Pyramid with crystal therapy. 

The last 3 years offer her knowledge as a Destiny Analysis Consultant, Online to support more people worldwide. With this new eshop it's easier than ever to benefit from her knowledge. and book an appointment for an Online Consultation or Meditation

She is the founder of “Chinese Metaphysics Research Institute”.  The goal is to teach  and share this great knowledge with people that want to take the path of least resistant, in succeeding their lives goal.

She has travel to many Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Europe and learned from many different masters of the Chinese Metaphysics.

She has more than 20 year experience and every year she organized seminars in Chinese metaphysics field, crystals and meditation with success.  The “Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis” , annual seminar for the year is an opportunity for everyone to participate and have the chance to get the instructions they need in order to plan their year ahead and have the success that are looking for. Gregoria was a regular guest on TV Shows and publish her articles on Newspapers, Magazines and E-magazines.

2018 she was proud to present her first issued of Chinese Metaphysics Diary and the next year eight Meditation Cd’s. Her next goal is to publish more books referring to Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, “Crystals and The Power of Eight Guides” and spiritual books for self cultivation.

Gregoria’s everyday goal is balance, calm, patience and Love.

Gregoria Theodosiou

Author & Teacher

Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis Consultant

Founder of Chinese Metaphysics Research Institute