Salt Lamps

Salt-Crystal Lamps and Tea-Light Burners

Our Salt-Crystal Lamps and Tea-Light Burners are natural products of rock-salt, which is a result of the oceans dying up millions of years ago. Conditions inside of the earth have fostered the development of crystals, which give the rock-salt its characteristic look. Our lamps are made of about 250 million-year-old salt crystals-trimmed, turned and polished by hand. The natural substances of rock-salt determine the wonderful look of the crystals. For instance, iron creates a red tone, manganese a yellow-orange notion.

The positive effects of salt Crystal Lamps have been extensively covered in numerous publications over the past years. The Lamps and tea light holders emit negative ions (natural ionizer) which are beneficial to our health. They counteract electromagnetic pollution in all working, living and sleeping areas as well as damaging cigarette fumes and television radiation.