Agate Quartz Druzy Cross 01

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Agate Quartz Druzy Cross (Electroplated: Golden color)

2.5cm height excluding the jewelry hook

Weight: 40g 

Stainless steel gold plated Chain selling separate

Druzy gets its name from the term “druse,” that relates to a rock surface, usually, a cavity, lined with little crystals, like those found within geodes or in larger pockets of mineral deposits.

Agate has the power to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and the negative forces that hold the universe in place. A soothing and calming stone, agate works slowly but brings great strength. Its multiple layers can bring hidden emotional information to light. Promotes healing and protect you from any negative energy, electromagnetic fields, negative thoughts from people, geopathic stress.

Quartz druzy crystal will boost your imagination and creativity and induce relaxation. This crystal will also help with your emotional problems. Druzy Crystals are especially helpful in awakening positive self-love because love is the most effective and best universal healer!

Agate Quartz druzy you have all of the above properties but in the most gentle vibration. They are excellent crystals for spiritual workshops, group meditations, and any other form of joint spiritual work.

Crystal tip: Wear all day but not 24hours, remove it when you take your shower to protect it from the chemicals and water. Also avoid to wear when you are going for your night sleep.

Cleansing and charging: An easy cleansing is the incense stick, (once in a week or in ten days) you can find it here on my shop and charge it with the full moon. (4 times per year or as you feel) You may charge with the sun but in my country Cyprus and Greece we have strong sun and will change the color. (Never charge on a sun or full moon eclipse)